Understanding the Mystery of Global Impact – Part One


TEACHING SERIES: Understanding the Mystery of Global Impact (Part One)
READING: John 3:16.

*We are sent as agents of hope and agents of change to our world.
*The world is ordained to be better-off because you came.
*If all of life was just to be born, to grow up, to go to school, get married, give birth and die, what is the use living?
*If you lived in and left this world without any remarkable impact, then you weren’t truly here; you just passed by.

*We must be willing, like God, to profitably engage in our world (John 3:16).
*We are not called to be ordinary people—we are called to be amazing; to be extraordinary.
*In order to achieve all these, we must be willing to fully engage in life.
*We must consciously desire to throw ourselves into life.

*There’s a force that can conquer any battle, transform any nation, heal any people, and make any difference.
*This force is not restricted by race, origin, credentials, opposition, or hell’s fury.
*If you embrace love, if you practice love, if you personalise love; out of love—while loving, you will find a strength that you have not known before.
*Love is the greatest (1Cor. 13:13).
To be continued…

PRAYER: Father, shed your love abroad in my heart, in the name of Jesus (Rom. 5:5).

-Evangelist ML Babalola (President, The Hope Army).
The 8th Project Hope comes up on Saturday, 29th Feb., 2020. #getinvolved #joinus #gothere #changetheworld ❤🚀
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Remember, No Jesus No Hope!

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