Treat Her Like A Queen – Michael Legend


Women aren’t slaves. You don’t use a woman as bait to balance your insecurities. The man was framed to take charge. A man who lacks this virtue is a disgrace to manhood. Women are meant to be loved not used. Most complains that some men have on women are tied to sheer irresponsibility on the part of the man.

I have met folks who’s treatment of women is drawn from the experiences of the past. A friend, bless his heart, once said to me, “I wouldn’t allow any lady do to me what women did to my father!” The result of this is a military styled and authoritarian approach in his relationships.

Although he’s beginning to adjust, but one time I humorously said to him, “The way you’re treating women, if your lady spends just 10 minutes with me, she’ll reconsider her stand with you.” But this is the harsh truth. That lady probably has tens of admirers, but she choose to stick with you through thick and thin.

The least you can do is make her feel like a queen. Is it true that some ladies have a number of issues requiring careful attention? Yes! However I strongly believe that with love and truthfulness, the most unsecured lady would become an angel. Treat her like a queen ❤

-Michael Legend.


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