The Power of Prayer – Part 1


TEACHING SERIES: The Power of Prayer (Part One).
READING: 1 Thessalonians 5:17.

*The Lord said to me that prayer is to the spirit what food is to the body; prayer is the food of the spirit.
*The same effect you get on your body when you go one day without a meal is the same effect on your spirit when you go one day without prayer.
*Consider this for one week, and then one month, three months, one year, etc.
*The way it is not possible for the physical body to survive three months without food is the same way it is not possible for the spirit to survive for three months without prayer.

*Food is consumed everyday in order to ensure the survival of the flesh. Prayer should be made everyday in order to ensure the survival of the spirit.
*And so we have Christians who are either spiritually malnourished or those who are spiritually dead.
*Physical malnourishment results from lack of adequate food (balanced diet), while spiritual malnourishment results from an epileptic prayer life.
*Spiritual death on the other hand is a function of zero prayer over a period of time.

*The reason of this great mystery is that we were all created by God, and no individual can survive a state of disconnection from the Source of life (Gen. 2:7).
*Another offshoot of spiritual malnourishment is vulnerability to the wickedness of the wicked (Matt. 26:41, Eph. 6:10-18).
*The devil is very much aware of the power of prayer, because all through history, the men and women that terrorised his kingdom were men and women of prayer; none else.
*This is why the devil is ready to allow you do any other thing, but the moment he can stop you from praying, he’s okay.
To be continued…

PRAYER: Father, endue me afresh with the Spirit of Prayer, in the name of Jesus.

-Evangelist ML Babalola.
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