The Place of Knowledge in a Dying World (Part Four).


TEACHING SERIES: The Place of Knowledge in a Dying World (Part Four).
Focus: Sources of Knowledge (Book).
READING: John 8:32.

*The Word of God is God Himself. Everything God has to offer is contained in His Word.
*What the Word of God cannot do, God cannot do. Everything God has ever done, is doing, and will ever do is by His Word.
*The Word of God is the only way God relates to man. The Word carries the power and might of God.
*The Word of God is the transmitter of divine nature.
*When you receive the Word, believe it, and act on it, you become it.

*The closure of the book is the closure of destiny.
*I have come to realize that the most significant insights, revelations, and expressions of an individual are only fully conveyed in writing.
*There are many things that time may not permit a speaker to unveil in his message, but they wouldn’t be left out in writing.
*There are great men and women who have left the shores of the earth long ago, but they still live with us today in their writings or on the pages of their books.

*Only readers can become leaders. A man that is not a committed reader has no place at the top.
*I have little regard for that man who does not have a library, no matter how small.
*Imagine an undocumented Biblical history. The result would be a chaotic world.
*Paul the Apostle was a man given to study as a lifestyle. No wonder he made such a tremendous trans-generational impact (2 Timothy 4:13).

*Developing the attitude of reading for a beginner is usually not a pleasurable experience, but with commitment and absolute dependence on the Holy Spirit, it turns out to be a wonderful asset to life and destiny.
*However, all your readings must be done purposefully. You are not advised to just pick up any reading material.
*Your studies must be targeted towards your pursuits in life or those areas where you seek answers.

*Furthermore, you must recognize that there is a spirit behind every book. The spirit upon the author of a book naturally rests on the reader as soon as that book is opened. *Thus, you must not only choose titles but also choose authors. This I believe is largely dependent on your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
*You are also free to take recommendations from trusted friends in this area.
To be continued…

PRAYER: Father, teach me to be a tireless explorer of relevant knowledge, in the name of Jesus.

-Evangelist ML Babalola (President of The Hope Army).
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