The 10th Project Hope Accomplished


One question that resonates in the hearts of our footsoldiers and indeed many is, “ML how did you locate this place?” You see, when GOD calls you, He directs your footsteps.

How can a people go this far just to be a blessing to humanity? This people are not ordinary; in fact they are not normal. Actually, we are extraordinary!

We are they on whom God’s end time hope agenda thrives. We are running a divine mandate of hope to the world, and as long as there is breathe in our nostrils, we shall never seize to go the extra mile for humankind.

Even when we have ascended from here, our children and generations unborn shall lead our legacies, they shall tell our stories, and they shall engrave our names on the sands of time.

The 10th PROJECT HOPE was beyond successful; it was GOD in the midst of men. To us, to beneficiaries, and to humanity we say CONGRATULATIONS. Only GOD made it possible!

[Pictures coming on 30.08.2020. Stay connected: @TheHopeArmy & @MLHARInitiative]

Signed: Michael Legend, Founder Project Hope.


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