She May Be Small, She Is Not Small; That Lady Is Mighty

Title: [She May Be Small, She Is Not Small; That Lady Is Mighty]

A few folks (maybe not a few) are intrigued at how much respect I have for women. This naturally manifests in different ways as I encounter these unique beings in my everyday life. The said “respect” is triggered by a variety of reasons, but for the purpose of this article, I’ll focus on the limitless capabilities of the woman.

Each time I hear stories, witness, or get involved in situations where some men mistreat women, either by subjecting them to emotional, sexual, or physical abuses, I do not only have an automatic distaste for such men, once in a while, I go even beyond that—I pity them (the men).

By the privilege of leadership and the opportunity to influence people from time to time, I take the liberty of telling some young men how to treat women; but most especially, how NOT to treat a woman. It is true that no matter how much morals we preach, there are those who will stumble on our recommendations and still make their own decisions.

This is largely understandable, as humans are beings of choices. To this end, I’m going to speak to a vast spectrum of people, especially with the recognition of differences on moral grounds. It is simple! Don’t look down on any woman, no matter her size, intellectual capacity, outlook, or exposure.

You’re a young man in a relationship with that young lady, you’ve come to the end of the road and you’re thinking it’s time to say goodbye. This isn’t new, but if you let her go with the feeling that she lost, you cheated on her, you took advantage of her, or she wasted her time, you’ll be lucky if she’s quick to move on with her life.

Although this is usually determined by a possibility like finding true love and succour sooner enough and she forgets about you. Even then, depending on how you treated her, you may be at the risk of nemesis.

Hold on a second! There are two possibilities among the few options that will be left with a lady in that situation:
i. She’ll cut you off forever.
ii. She’ll become a monster and hunt you.
If a lady leaves you feeling she lost and happens to embrace option 2 above, boy! it may take the act of God to guarantee your freedom.

Wait a minute! What if the said lady goes the way of some harsh and unforgiving women? Especially when you had sex with her… I’ve met ladies who told me that they were treated so bad in past relationships that they had to go naked and lay curses on their ex.

There are many things in my heart to say to young men, but for the littleness of time, respect every woman, never abuse or lay your hands on any woman. Every sensible man should be able to embrace this advice, but in case you can’t, don’t step into her life just to have fun and waste her time.

And for every young man who may be thinking he wasn’t fair to his ex, there are reconciliatory steps you can take to make amends in a bid to fulfill all righteousness. Speak with a trusted Counsellor. Maybe you’re in a relationship right now and you’re just realizing you haven’t been fair to her, you can begin now to make amends.

Love is a beautiful thing when built on godly and moral principles. Companionship was never designed with slavery in mind. You can start to create the future you desire by the choices you’re making today. Congratulations.
LADIES you’re next!

-Michael Legend.


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