Project 1000 kids in school 2019

About Project 1000 Kids in School 2019

In 2019, we are starting up 1000 kids in school. We are focusing on foundational school because it is really painful to have a child (especially in this part of the world) get to the age of schooling, but is deprived basic education due to financial inability on the part of his/her parents/guardians. It’s not the fault of the child to be born into this world, and if some parents are unable, we have taken it upon ourselves to join other well-meaning people and organizations around the world to send a thousand kids to school in 2019.

There are parents in Africa who have so many kids, that they naturally trade some for the others. Kids are exposed to the harsh realities of underdevelopment at a very tender age. This translates into depression, vices, and societal instability; illiteracy births crime and vices, which ultimately brings about societal unrest and instability.

When people don’t have anything to hold on to or fallback to, they are exposed to just anything else that presents itself. At the end of the day, there’s something in every human that yearns for expression, recognition, and relevance. People just want to stand for something by all means. Therefore, it’s either we take responsibility early or we have no choice than to deal with the consequences later. By all means, everyone ends up getting involved.

Children are blessings from God, and if there is an ideal situation, every child is a responsibility of the society. Every child is a rising star, and they need a boost to shine. They need hope for a better tomorrow, irrespective of the circumstances of their birth. By educating the child, we partner to build a great future.

The makers of history are not just those in our libraries and museums, but also those unnoticed blessed hearts across the pages of time, who in their own little ways, contributed to the wellbeing and upliftment of mankind.


This project focuses on rural/remote areas, where poverty is prevalent. We are also concentrating on foundational school startups – kids who have never been to school before.

ESTIMATED SCHOOL FEE to startup a child (LEA Primary Schools in remote areas across Nigeria): N10,000 (Ten thousand naira). This value includes academic materials. We also have a continuity structure in place.


Please follow-up on your donation and child enrolment using the information below:


Telephone: +2347032998069