Never Stop Trusting in God

MOMENTS of challenges are the best moments of our lives; for at the end of every tunnel comes the spring of light. Challenges are part of life’s greatest treasures. In fact, one’s greatness can be likened to the height of challenges confronting that individual. However, no challenge is ordained to last forever. They have purposes in our lives, per time. And when we shall look back, we shall appreciate the fact that they came through.

Greatness, as I have observed is largely a function of diverse experiences. Why we admire great people for instance, is actually because they have scaled through unbelievable circumstances and thus they can, with such tremendous credentials, stand out! And that is why the bigger your struggles, the greater your purpose in life. For me, my greatest turning point in life came with my wheelchair experience at the wake of 2016.
Funny, but I said to myself, “I will appreciate that encounter for life.” Among other things, that challenge is not born that can wave my trust in God, though all the devils in hell come together. And I owe it to that same “wheelchair encounter.” Hence, the problem is not with the problem, but our attitude and understanding as we scale through the problem. What is the conclusion of the whole matter?

We must NEVER stop trusting in GOD!
-Michael Legend.


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