Letter To Women by ML


We are confronted today with a collective, not one-sided battle. There is not a REAL MAN on earth that would not honour a woman for whom she is — a WOMAN. Sometimes that “honour” even surpasses the honour of man to man, and to me, this is totally acceptable.

There are men whose voices are louder than ‘some’ women’s even in the fight for the freedom and prosperity of women; men of dignity and absolute integrity whose lives are committed to the liberation of women everywhere. I believe I fall into this category of men and I know we shall achieve greater.

May we therefore not permit the actions from a microscopic and insignificant minority of so-called men; men who have long lost the script and ought to be addressed for what they are — Murderers! May we, I said, not permit their actions to birth HATE among us. Rather, we MUST be strengthened now more than ever as we squarely rid the abuse of the Woman out of our Society. Every individual has a ROLE to play. Take your PLACE.
#notorape #notoabuse #justiceforuwa

-Michael Legend.


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