I am limitless

As a shining light in a dark world, the mission of HOPE is a collective one, and we do not necessarily need a “global stage” to inspire hope to others. Every individual has something to offer (irrespective of age, location, education, race, tribe, or resources). What we do, we do for the present generation; we also do for generations unborn.

Project HOPE is not out to save the world – Jesus already did that – we are out to serve the world. The difference between ambition and passion is that ambition is concerned with self, while passion is driven by the love for mankind. Only passionate people truly affect their world. Project HOPE is not about ambition, but about passion; about sacrifice; this is about humanity!

A common experience we have with kids in various orphanages is the willingness to cling to us at every instance in our visits, which gives a signal of the need to show them more love, kindness, and sincere concern. To this effect, we believe there’s still a lot of work to do.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to contribute our little in helping children whose birth circumstances and environment may play a negative role in their perspective to life and willingness to take their rightful place in a constantly transforming world.

Although the task is huge, but we believe the saying that little drops of water makes an ocean, and so we shall not hold back from every opportunity to positively affect the wonderful children of the world.

It is on this backdrop that Project HOPE, under our Child Defence Fund, hosts “I AM LIMITLESS” every June. This is an Academic Competition for less-privileged kids in publics Schools, Orphanages, and Care Homes.