Giants Assembly – Rebuilding Africa 2

#Today’s Message: FAITH IS AN ACTION WORD (Part Two)
#Reading: James 2:23-26.

*You don’t fulfill destiny sitting down; you do that taking steps.
*There are many whose destinies are grounded and totally handicapped today chiefly due to procrastination.
*In your journey to the fulfilment of destiny, being born again is not enough.

*As a matter of fact, New Birth connotes a coronation into a lifetime of deliberate sacrifices.
*Faith is an action word. There are no perfect conditions.
*If we are waiting for the conditions to be right, then we are going to be waiting for the rest of our lives.

*The greatest challenge confronting the Black Race is lack of identity.
*The implication of this is a misplaced priority.
*Africa is at war with herself. All I hear are the chants of some fellow compatriots in the Biggest Black Nation on earth shouting “DIVIDE!”
*A classic example of a divided nation in Africa is Sudan.

*War is a multi-billion dollars business.
*There are individuals and corporations on earth today whose survival largely depend on the insecurity and instability of nations; especially African nations.
*A critical instrument of their operations is the financing of low intensity conflicts.

*A low-intensity conflict (LIC) is a military conflict, usually localised, between two or more states or non-state groups which is below the intensity of conventional war.
*It involves the state’s use of military forces applied selectively and with restraint to enforce compliance with its policies or objectives.

*Christians cannot change the world until they get involved in the world.
*You don’t make a difference by separating yourself from the process.
*Out of every randomly selected 10 African youths today, how many of us know the full meaning of AU?

*And for those who know it to mean African Union, how many understand what the Union stands for, it’s objectives, processes, setbacks, and accomplishments?
*Those who truly change the world don’t play safe by hiding under mediocrity and “All will be well” or “God is in control” excuses.
*It is time to get involved in the conversations. It is time to dig deeper into history. It is time to recognize where you belong in the African Redemption process.

*Recent global events have proven that indeed the direction of the Black Race goes the world. It is time for Africans to STAND UP!
*And this must begin from the congregation of the Saints, because all through history, the direction of the Church goes the nations of the world (Isa. 2:2-4, Mic. 4:1-2).
*As an Institution, a good portion of the 3rd General Assembly shall be dedicated to the recommendations made in this Teaching.
To be continued…

PRAYER: Father, I receive grace to to be part of the African Redemption Testimony, in the name of Jesus.

-Evangelist ML Babalola (President of The Hope Army).
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[Photo Credit: The 9th Project Hope]


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