Giants Assembly – Rebuilding Africa 1

#Today’s Message: Unveiling The Mystery of Self-Discovery (Part Five).
#Reading: “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.” -Proverbs 22:29.

#Rebuilding Africa
*The greatest challenge confronting the Black Race is lack of identity.
*The implication of this is a misplaced priority.
*Africa is at war with herself. All I hear are the chants of some fellow compatriots in the Biggest Black Nation on earth shouting “DIVIDE!”
*A classic example of a divided nation in Africa is Sudan.

*South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011; by December 2013, the country had devolved into a civil war that killed at least 400,000 people and displaced millions.
*September 2018, Mr. Kiir and his former vice president turned rebel leader, Mr. Machar, signed a peace agreement in Ethiopia.

*On Thursday, April 11 2019, the two men went to the Vatican for an exceptional two-day ecumenical retreat inside the pope’s residence.
*Pope Francis, in Plea for South Sudan Peace, Stuns Leaders by Kissing their Shoes.
*War is a multi-billion dollars business.
*There are individuals and corporations on earth today whose survival largely depend on the insecurity and instability of nations; especially African nations.

*A critical instrument of their operations is the financing of low intensity conflicts.
*A low-intensity conflict (LIC) is a military conflict, usually localised, between two or more states or non-state groups which is below the intensity of conventional war.
*It involves the state’s use of military forces applied selectively and with restraint to enforce compliance with its policies or objectives.

*There are currently fifteen African countries involved in war, or are experiencing post-war conflict and tension.
*In West Africa, the countries include Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Togo.
*In East Africa, the countries include Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda.
*In Central Africa, the countries include Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda.
*In North Africa, the country is Algeria and in South Africa, the countries include Angola and Zimbabwe.

#Base of the Wars (By Africa Sun News)
*At the base of these wars is the rich natural resources each of these poor countries hold of timber, oil or diamonds, compounded in many cases by the foreign extractive industries presence, their opaque, unreported payments to the governments and the governments’ opaque, unreported use of the money to create and fund wars.

*The wars serve the purpose of creating a distraction, as the countries and their fleeing, displaced citizens are robbed of their countries’ natural resources, easily converted to cash, for the personal use and fortunes of ruling parties.
*Tribal conflict is deliberately antagonized, so it can be blamed for the conflict.

*If we go our separate ways with a mindset rooted in hate and a divided nation, we shall yet seek division from what we divided into.
*Division is rooted in the mind. Positive change stems from taking responsibility of one’s destiny.
*There are those of us who are committed to changing the narrative. There’s HOPE for Nigeria; there’s HOPE for Africa.
#Solutions (To be continued).

PRAYER: Father, I receive grace to be instrumental to your Redemptive agenda for Nigeria and Africa, in the name of Jesus.

-Evangelist ML Babalola (President of The Hope Army).
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