Declaring the 10th PROJECT HOPE


In our quest to change the world, sincerity outweighs quantity. Whether we have one bowl of rice or we own rice plantations, our passion shall not diminish. This is the path we have chosen—the life that we live: to fear God, love people, and serve humanity.

From Seasons 1 to 9 of the historic Project Hope, we have served humanity in different capacities, going the extra mile every step of the way. And now, by the Mighty Presence of the Most High GOD in the Hope Organization, we are set to do what we have never done before; we are set to see what we have never seen before!

Come Saturday 29th August 2020, we shall become the frontiers of a new era in service to humanity. We shall set the pace, blaze the trail, and cut a new edge. I welcome you to join us prepare as you take advantage of the 10th PROJECT HOPE to give a portion of yourself to life.

To learn more or find out how you can support, partner, or volunteer with this Noble Cause, please contact MLHARI using the information below:
Telephone: +2347032998069, +2347037379696, +2348062534226.

Signed: Michael Legend, President.


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