Declaring GPP 2020


We live in the strangest seasons the world has ever known. Our God is doing something today; something unseen by history. This is the season that the prophets, priests, saints, and martyrs have been talking about since the world began.

One of the strange realities of this season is that our God is raising an army of praisers. These are the people that shall lift up their voices in unusual praise to the most high God. At their appearance demons shall tremble and knees shall bow.

They shall be the embodiment of the mighty power of God on the earth. One of the prophetic mandates of The Hope Army is to usher in God’s end time praise agenda. Therefore, as the LORD liveth, #GPP2020 shall hold on Sunday 18th October, 2020. Prepare for it!!!

-Evangelist ML Babalola (President of The Hope Army).


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