Colonisation and Nigeria Today – Part One

[Colonization & Nigeria Today – Part One]

Colonization didn’t only affect our dressing, religion, mode of interaction, food, culture and national heritage, it also affected our minds, perception, and commitment to country—it took away the very concept of hope in nationhood. Unfortunately, many Nigerians today are victims of that outcome. And so you see jokes online such as, “Will you deny Nigeria for 10 million Naira?” Only to get responses like, “I’ll do it for just 10 thousand Naira.” Etc.

It brings the historic Isaac and Esau story to mind. For red pottage, Esau sold his birthright (Gen. 25:29-34). The future of Nigeria lies in the hands of youths who believe in Nigeria; youths who wouldn’t compromise for a morsel of bread; youths who are willing to lay down their lives for the good of country; youths who have taken the bull by the horn and like Queen Esther, have said, “If I perish, I perish!” Did she perish?

Nigeria shall reign again. Nigeria shall regain its rightful place in the commonwealth of nations as the true Giant of Africa. Nigeria shall be a fountain of hope to the nations of the earth. You can join us or you can step aside and watch. But if you ask me, I’ll recommend the former. I believe in Nigeria! And that believe is not founded upon the failures of the current political dispensation; it is founded on hope and the understanding that the future of this great nation now lies in our hands.

-Michael Legend, President of the Hope Organization.


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