Agents of Hope to the World – Part Three


TEACHING SERIES: Agents of Hope to the World (Part Three).
TODAY’S FOCUS: What to Expect at the 13th PROJECT HOPE.

READING: Matthew 5:13-16.

*In a world filled with uncertainties, every individual has something to offer.
*There are many things to do and diverse opportunities that exist.
*The worst we can do is nothing.
*A hopeless world awaits, and as agents of hope, we are the last hope. We simply cannot fail.
*You have a place here. Again, you have something to offer. The world needs us now more than ever!

*The historic Project Hope is heaven’s mandate for the rescue of humanity from the shackles of physical and spiritual oppressions.
*It is a platform to put to work the limitless potentials placed in us on this Special Mission to give the Hope of Christ to a dying world.
*As Ambassadors of Hope and Representatives of God’s Kingdom on earth, we must be highly sensitive.

*The adventures are good and fulfilling; but in addition to this, we must not loose grip of the spiritual dimension and implication of what we are doing.
*We have been set on the path of no going back. We either change the world or we change the world.
*We are not here to save the world; Jesus Christ has already done that, our Mission is to serve the world and consolidate on the finished work of Christ.

*Our ultimate duty is to advance the cause of Christ on the earth.
*In this very strange and glorious month, be mission-focused, prayerful, watchful, connected, and sensitive in the Spirit.
*We are about to change the order and usher in a new era of service to humanity.
*Allow me to be the first to congratulate you for the rare privilege of being chosen and sent to be one of us in the glorious Army.
*For the fear of God, love for people, and service to humanity, we ride in the name of the Lord on the 27th & 28th of August respectively.
To be continued…

PRAYER: Father, we thank you for the supernatural success of the forthcoming 13th Project Hope, in the name of the Jesus.

-Evangelist ML Babalola (President of The Hope Army).
The 13th PROJECT HOPE comes up on Friday 27th & Saturday 28th August, 2021. Prepare to join us change the world ❤🚀
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Remember, No Jesus No Hope!


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