Our Creed

To fear God, love people, and serve humanity.


  • RISE OF GIANTS – GOD is doing something right now! This is the era that all the Prophets, Priests, Saints, and Martyrs have been talking about since the world began – the era of the manifestation of the sons (and daughters) of God (Romans 8:19) – the era of the rise of an Army of Giants in the Body of Christ. These Giants are ordained to emerge from all works of life and areas of human endeavors. This prophetic agenda is heaven’s priority right now, as it must be fully accomplished before the return of Christ. For Christ shall return for a Church in absolute dominion! This army shall restore the Hope of Christ to the world, and The Hope Army is one of God’s end-time Movements ordained to herald this task. The prophetic Rise of Giants outreach is the Mission that drives this mandate.
  • GIANTS ASSEMBLY – The Hope Army is believed to be a training ground for God’s end-time army of hope to the world. Giants Assembly is the weekly gathering and grooming of this emerging army.
  • GOSPEL PRAISE PARTY – This is the praise outreach programme driving God’s end-time praise movement.
  • PROJECT HOPE – This is the humanitarian/non-profit arm of The Hope Army, and is hosted by the founder’s Hope and Relief Foundation (Michael Legend Hope and Relief Initiative – MLHARI).


Vision & Mission
THE HOPE ARMY is an End-Time Movement ordained by God to raise an Army of Hope to the world (Isaiah 60:22).

Mission statement of MLHARI

Touching lives and restoring hope to the hopeless in all nations.
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF MLHARI 1. To establish libraries, schools, hospitals, orphanages and old People’s home for the under-paid and less privileged in our society. 2. To provide social amenities such clean pipe-borne water, health centres, and schools to people living in IDP camps in various parts of Nigeria. And also to support such people with drugs, food items, school stationeries, and books. 3. To provide disaster relief support (humanitarian aid – by alleviating human need and suffering) to people in dire need of help in Nigeria, Africa, and around the world with core focus on hunger aid, clean water, clothing, emergency shelters, medical aid, vulnerable children, orphan care, and community development. 4. To establish youths’ skills acquisition centres where vocations such as tailoring, carpentry, it technician, hair dressing, baking, catering, and all types of farming and small scale production are taught to the teeming youths and unemployed graduates in Nigeria. 5. To work in conjunction with philanthropists, companies, multinational companies, and international organizations to provide start up grants, equipment, and other support to youths and women. 6. To support and mentor young entrepreneurs to develop the required skills, attitude and mindset needed to succeed.
Areas Reached

meet our team

Charity, volunteer for better life and our smiles.

Sponsor: Alaba Mayowa Deborah
Proud Volunteer
Deputy Secretary General
Sponsor: Chantel Ejeh