8th Project Hope Accomplished


Once again, the just concluded 8th PROJECT HOPE surpassed all expectations. We saw what we have never seen before. I believe, among other things, that the LORD raised Himself an army of hope to the world yesterday.

For the very first time in the history of MLHARI, we hosted over 50 families (parents, kids, guardians, and teachers) numbering a staggering 200 beneficiaries.

Trainings such as photography, fashion, catering, and various workshops were held. Endless supplies of relief materials were available. Every single individual was reached.

We appreciate Smile Planet Foundation, Purple Care Initiative, Roseline Ebunobi Foundation, and every individual and institution who stood by us to host a most successful 8th Project Hope.

If you will desire a team, pray ernestly that God sends you the kind He has blessed the Hope Organization with. For every member of the Global Hope Movement, on behalf of JESUS CHRIST, I say THANK YOU.


-Michael Legend (President).


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