For the fear of the Most High GOD, love for people, and service to humanity, this weekend we made history! Watching our Documentary on the history of Project Hope and listening to comments from our Special Guests and Awardees on the Day 2 of the 13th Project Hope, a new passion was born in us.

Wait a minute! The only reason you see that we succeed in all things is that we put God first in all things. And so, the credit and glory of these Accomplishments go to Him.

We also want to specially appreciate all our Members, Partners, Volunteers, Well-wishers, Donors, and Supporters for their tireless commitments to this Just and Noble Cause. Remember, this is about humanity. Brace up! For this is just the Beginning!

Photo: Some of the Distinguished Award Recipients at the 13th Project Hope.
Note: Pictures and videos shall be released from Monday ❤

-Michael B. Legend, President of The Hope Army & MLHARI.
www.hopearmy.org.ng 🚀


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