11th Project Hope – Our Missionaries of Hope


We have dared the undarable. We have attempted the impossible. On this divine mandate to give hope to the world, we have gone places where others dreaded. We have crossed valleys, scaled highlands, swam rivers, been scorched by the sun, and drenched in rain.

The just concluded 11th Project Hope presented yet another rare opportunity to go the extra mile in service to humanity. I recall the words of the chief of Dnako village on that faithful day, “It takes the fear of God to take what belongs to you and give it to someone else.”

He was right! One of the things special about us is that our sacrifices aren’t just seasonal but eternal; sacrificial living to us is a lifestyle–the real essence of our being. This is the path we have chosen, the life that we live–to fear God, love people, and serve humanity ❤

Up next: Stories of our Partners & Donors (31.03.2021)
Photos: Project Hope Photography.

Signed: Michael Legend, Founder MLHARI.


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