11th Project Hope Accomplished


By the Grace of Divine Election, I witnessed all the Projects Hope since inception, namely; the 1st to the 10th. But the things my eyes saw last Saturday, I have NEVER seen before.

I am humbled to have (in my lifetime) experienced something so beyond special. No single description would make you grasp the full picture of the supernatural success and unusual triumphs of the just concluded 11th Project Hope.

To this end, we shall take it one after the other:
1. Sunday 28th March 2021, we shall tell you TODAY’S STORY.
2. Monday, 29th March 2021, we shall tell you about the good people of Dnako village.
3. Tuesday, 30th March 2021, we shall talk about our people (Missionaries of Hope).
4. Wednesday, 31st March 2021, we shall talk about our partners and donors.
5. Thursday, 1st April 2021, we shall talk about the Future.

But for now, just bear in mind that only GOD made it possible.

Signed: Michael Legend, Founder MLHARI.


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